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My title Residential Incline Platform Lifts - Access with Style

In a perfect world, there would be no need for products to make homes more wheelchair accessible. There is unfortunately extensive need for these accessibility products. ConvertaStep was formed to make high-quality access products that blend in seamlessly and with style.

ConvertaStep offers revolutionary access products for residential homes. The Incline Platform lift offers flexibility and is built with quality to last. The ConvertaStep Incline Platform lift works easily with entries of one to five steps, and is designed to blend in easily with any home exterior. ConvertaStep’s Incline Platform lift is safe, reliable and cost-effective, a great ramp alternative. Steve Kitchin, founder of ConvertaStep and a quadriplegic since 1999 said “I did not want a 40 foot ramp to my front door. They are incredibly expensive and I do not like the way they look. Our lift provides access for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or anyone that has difficulty climbing stairs…and it can be installed for a fraction of the cost.”

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